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About us

We set the most difficult goals ourselves and achieve them

Nurbek Zulkaynarov

CEO & Founder
About us

"RailTech" LLC is a young company (was established in 2021),  which creates and develops innovative technologies. We localize an export-oriented technologies and high-tech products and  promote import oriented substitution in certain areas.

RailTech company was formed by the partnership of highly qualified specialists and experienced enthusiasts with the aim of providing the best development and support services of most challenging engineering solutions.  We set the most difficult goals ourselves and achieve them. We strive to ensure that all areas of Hi-Tech Engineering in Uzbekistan could complete on equal terms with the best international companies.
Effective communication, creative solutions, seriousness and commitment to our mission are the manifestation of our common Fundamental values.

Our aim is to serve client with most convenient, fast and efficient solutions.

Our mission is to be a reliable assistant in the digitalization of production and services for our partners.

Мы можем быть полезны малому бизнесу и небольшим производственным компаниям, у которых нет возможности содержать штат высококвалифицированных конструкторов и технологов.

What do we offer

We carry out a full complex of development work, from the development of technical specifications, ending with development of a complete design engineering package, including prototyping work

Analysis of technological process to automate or modernize your current production equipment
Technological equipment
Design and production of non-standard technological equipment
The development and manufacture of devices (remote monitoring and control of Infrastructure, equipment and technical unit)
Control cabinet engineering and automation systems introduction
Software engineering
The development of software and automation systems
Auxiliary equipment
The delivery of the entire spectrum of IT-equipment, Control and Measurement Instruments and Automation for the corporate and private sectors

Our options

We specialize in designing and engineering as non standard equipment and machinery, which are not manufactured and unavailable in Uzbekistan and as scientific installations and equipment

Design and construction


We are the most efficient team

Our team includes highly qualified specialists in various fields: design engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, software engineers, electronic engineers.

Our professionals have experience in a diverse array of fields, including railway transport sector, the power and production industry. Also we have previously undertaken activities in project and research organizations as well as patents co-authoring.

Skills and conspicuous devotion to duty allows us successfully implement comprehensive projects on new manufacture and new technological line, as well as developing and designing of separate components or products.

The full range of services offered meets the whole life cycle of a product or a project. We provide all the above listed services in an integrated manner or develop point solutions, as required.

We are trusted by

We implement projects with close cooperation with scientific organizations, industrial enterprises, development institutes, business and financial structures of Uzbekistan